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5 Reasons to Batch Your Social Media Content

Ever find yourself looking at the clock and saying, "Man, where did the time go?" or "I really don't have any time to do this right now." When it comes to creating social media content for your business, I do NOT want you to think about those things. I want you to experience a sense of accomplishment, pride and give yourself a pat on the back when you're done. Ready to learn how?? Two words: Batch Content

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Batching your content means you set aside a block of time, and you plan, create and schedule as much content as possible in that time frame. Why? Read on my friends and I think you'll better understand.

1) Batching Content Buys You Time

When I say "buys you time", obviously you know you can't buy time. It's not for sale at your local grocery store or trading on the NYE Stock Exchange. 

No, what I mean by buying you time, is that batching your social once per month in a 2-4 hour time block can give you time back that you would have otherwise spent trying to make social media content randomly throughout the month. How? Because when you batch content you plan it, write it, and schedule it out ahead of time.

2) Reduces Your Cortisol Levels (aka stress hormone)

Ever have a to-do list that feels like it's never-ending or that one task is just glued on there permanently? Did you know that causes stress? Did you know stress causes cortisol levels in your body to rise which leads to health issues? Batching your content ahead of time eliminates potential worry and stress over whether or not you have time that day to make a post.

3) Batching Content Increases Time Management

When you are batching content you are pre-planning for the month to come, which means... you have a plan and schedule. You know how long it takes to batch a month's worth of content so you can find the 2-4 hours you need in your week to clear off distractions and get your content created for the upcoming month. Planning and scheduling tasks ahead will increase your time management skills, which will cause you to be more attentive to how you're viewing your calendar. This results in lower stress because you have things planned out ahead of time! (see how this is all working together)

4) Gives You a Productivity Boost

I'm not talking a boost as in cracking a can of your favorite energy drink or drinking your 5th cup of coffee for the day. No, I'm talking about the mental boost you give yourself when you work ahead on creating social media content. Believe me, when you wait until the last minute to do anything it feels like nothing gets done. (Anyone remember college and cramming for tests? Me neither...) Instead, when you work ahead, batch your social media content and clear that important task off your list, you are more motivated to get another item off the list. Thus boosting your desire to be productive!

5) Batching Content Allows You To Get More Done

4 & 5 go together really well because like I said, batching allows for you to get this very important task off your plate. Thus giving you more time to get other projects done. Remember in #1 we talked about buying time. Well, when you can buy (save) time on creating content, you have more time to do other important tasks in your business!

In summary, batching content saves you time, it lowers your stress and anxiousness to get things don't, it helps you be better at time management, gives you a productivity boost and allows for you to spend time on other important tasks! 

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