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What's the right time to start a Social Media Freelance Business

Over the last 7 years of being in the entrepreneurship space and I've been able to meet a lot of people who have so many wonderful ideas for starting a business, creating a product, etc. but most don't end up doing it because they're "waiting for a sign" that they should do it. (I've been there too at times!!)

Don't get me wrong... I'm definitely one to pray on big decisions, seek wisdom from trusted mentors, and try not to rush into unchartered territories. But I'm also very aware of whether it's a matter of needing "confirmation" (or in honesty, approval from others)... OR if it's more of a COMFORT ZONE issue. 😬

Yeah, I'm going there with you my friend... I want to give you some encouragement and perhaps a little bit of my story can inspire you, because with all honesty, starting my freelance marketing company in June 2018 and then moving full time with it by October that year happened both quickly & a little bit unexpectantly.

Sometimes, we need all of the stars to align & for everything to feel organized in our life to start a business, and then sometimes life comes in and just pushes you right into it! I was also a mom of a 2 1/2 year old with Baby #2 on the way. My transition out of my full-time job came quicker than planned, but it was mutually beneficial for me and my employer (I still have a great relationship with them + was able to stay on as a subcontracted Consultant for about a year to help maintain my client relationships).

I ended up experiencing some pregnancy situations that put me in a position of monitoring my blood pressure regularly & not doing too much physically, so being able to transition to working for myself from home earlier than expected was actually a blessing!

Sometimes, we think we need all of the stars to align & for everything to feel organized in our life to start a business, create that product, etc. Then sometimes life comes in and tries to push you right into it!!!

Has life been pushing you to start something & you're just resisting because it feels a little uncomfortable and you're worried about what to do or if you'll succeed?

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