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Using Social Media Marketing to Elevate Your Business | The Profits & Prosecco Podcast with Katie Ferro | Guest: Danielle Welch


In early 2020 I was introduced to Katie Ferro by a business coach of mine during a group coaching call talking about profitability in your business and bookkeeping. Being the spreadsheet lover that I am, I immediately fell in love with everything Katie had created and just who she was as a fellow female entrepreneur who also just so happened to be a full time work from home mom also. After purchasing her Small Business Starter Kit program (use code BRIDGE for 15% off) and implementing it into my monthly bookkeeping dates with myself, I began to realize how much a freakin' genius Katie was. So I did what any normal person would do and I began stalking her Instagram and DMing her. :) 

Long story short, my plan worked and a friendship was formed! Throughout the remainder of 2020 we continued to talk, and voice text back and forth, I invited her into my facebook group to do a training on small biz profitability, and then when she told me she was starting a podcast I was eager to know if I could be on the show so we could just talk to one another about everything under the sun. 

So we did! We set a date, a time, and totally blew over our allotted time (originally 1 hour, it went 2 1/2 hours), and we had a freaking blast. Thankfully Katie was able to talk our convo and condense it down to less than hour podcast, but man... that must have been a tough job because it was a very content rich episode if I do say so myself.

I've gone ahead and saved you a little bit of time and reading taking out some of the key elements of the episode and listing them for you here, but I STRONGLY recommend you go follow Katie's podcast, Profits & Prosecco right now... then DM stalk me and let me know what you think!

Memorable Moments:

4:05 - Danielle shares her story on how she began her own Social Media & Consulting company
12:42 - Danielle’s mentors
21:01 - Danielle’s first client
40:46 – Danielle shares about social media content, authenticity and intention
54:56 - Danielle’s biggest marketing tips when it comes to content strategy
59:09 -  Most profound way that her profitable business has positively affected her life
1:00:12 - Positive impact that her business allowed her to make in a lives of others
1:01:33 - Best investment Danielle had in her business
1:02:37 – Danielle’s favorite way to celebrate

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Quotes from the Podcast:

“I am who I am today because I allowed somebody else to come and be an influence to my life.” – Danielle Welch

“I want to spend time with people that I can guess them to think why they’re doing what they are doing.” – Danielle Welch

“If you do not show up as yourself through your social media content and whatever capacity that it looks like you will not connect with people and people will miss whatever it is that you’re able to even serve them with.” – Danielle Welch

“You just need to create content consistently.” – Danielle Welch

“The 3 rules in content creation. First is engage with people, second is educate people about your product or service without selling, and third is promotion.” – Danielle Welch

Nuggets of Wisdom:

“You are going to connect with people base on human behavior, base in human interaction and how well they connect with you.”

“We have to show up as ourselves and not try to be anybody else.”

“We need to try to create content from a consumer’s perspective and not just a business owner’s perspective.”

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