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I DO NOT like posting on social media... and it's what I do for a living!

Nov 17, 2021

I DO NOT like posting on social media.


I know, it’s probably hard to believe being that I’ve chosen to make a living the last 7 years in the industry of marketing mainly through social media.


Don’t get me wrong… I love a good hit of dopamine just like everyone else does when they make a post and gets likes & comments. It feels good, alright? (Don’t act like it doesn’t).


But that’s not why I do it. I do not need a constant dose of an ego boost to keep me motivated in showing up on social media.

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So you’re probably wondering “if you don’t like it, then why do it at all?”


Let me try to give you a few brief reasons why:


1 People spend time on social media (sources say the average is around 2.25 hours per day)


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How hashtags help businesses reach more people on Instagram

Aug 17, 2021

Let’s talk about hashtags… because everyone else is, right?!

  • What are they?
  • What purpose do they serve?
  • How do you use them?
  • How many can you use in a post?
  • What is a good strategy for hashtags?

These 5 questions are going to get answered in the next 5-10 minutes (depending on how quickly you skim through or read ) and you are going to want to make sure and bookmark this so you can come back to it in the future!

Well my fellow small business owner and online entrepreneur, shall we dive in?

What are hashtags?

Hashtags (n) a word or phrase preceded by a hash sign (#), used on social media websites and applications, especially Twitter, to identify digital content on a specific topic. (source Oxford Language).

So essentially, it’s a special way that social media sites can find and identify content on their platforms. 

This is especially handy if you are trying to search for something on the vast content space that is Instagram or Twitter because simply using a...

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