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Hi! I'm Danielle and...

I believe that without the small business sector, our economy will fail. I also believe that small businesses are not being setup for success in our economy with all of the heavy regulations, red tape, and expenses that come with running a business. 

I believe that this is intentional and it is meant to ultimately eliminate the middle-class and force our nation into more of a socialistic economy.

I am NOT okay with that and the clients I work with, aren’t okay with either.

While I’m not one to run for any type of political office to make change on a government level… I AM ONE to be voice for the small business owners of America. I AM ONE to empower, educate and defend the way of life that so many desire to have in this great nation

To be independent from big government control, and be free to live life on an individual’s terms. To create a life of freedom, a life of prosperity, a life of independence from a system that is design to keep people dependent.

I believe in America. I believe that our nation needs correction – absolutely! I believe America needs to turn back to God and when she does, favor and blessings will be released once again.

This type of talk may not be for everyone… in fact, it may upset some. I am okay with that! If you connect with this message and this mission, then we need to connect so that we can link arms and help small businesses begin to thrive once again in America!

God Bless You  Danielle Welch, Owner and Founder Bridge Consulting & Design, LLC

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