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Going VIRAL "The Wrong Way" | Social Society Guest Interview May 2023 with Anissa Pfeifer

Jun 15, 2023

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Host: Danielle Welch -

Guest: Anissa Pfeifer founder of the Whiskee Straw -

Memorable Moments:

0:31 - Introducing Anissa Pfeifer
0:34 - Anissa’s whole entrepreneurial journey
0:55 - Anissa’s experience from invention, struggles, and where she at now
1:25 - How God walked through with Anissa in giving her knowledge and understanding both tactically and spiritually
1:30 -  Anissa’s advice based from her own story
1:32 - Summary of social media marketing things

Quotes from the Podcast:

“You have to encourage somebody before you can empower them to be who they should be and who they could be.” – Anissa Pfeifer

“I found that little seed of doubt that hadn't quite gone away, just buried enough that it wasn't bothering me, but it found its way to make something grow.” –...

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Cracking the Code: 5 Reasons for Social Media Inconsistency

Jun 13, 2023

Social media has become an integral part of our lives, providing businesses and individuals with a powerful platform to reach their target audience. However, to truly succeed on social media, one key factor stands out: consistency. In this blog post, we will explore the significance of social media posting consistency and delve into five common reasons why people struggle to maintain it. By understanding these challenges and implementing strategies to overcome them, you can unlock the full potential of your social media presence.


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Why Consistency Matters in Social Media Posting:


1. Establishes a Strong Online Presence:

Consistency in social media posting helps to establish a strong online presence. By...

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"Simple Solutions for Common Problems" Social Society Guest Interview | April 2023 with Drs. Eric & Alyssa Phillips

May 31, 2023

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Host: Danielle Welch -

Guest: Drs. Eric & Alyssa Phillips - 


Memorable Moments:

0:19 - Introducing Eric and Alyssa Phillips

6:30 - Eric and Alyssa’s advice for somebody who maybe they're a solo or newer in business

11:37 - Eric and Alyssa's Journey

18:40 - Major strategy shifts that Eric and Alyssa had over the over the years

23:56 - What Eric and Alyssa hear from people that are coming from referrals or from social media posts

28:32 - What do Eric and Alyssa’s believe led to posts going viral or posts being exposed to more audiences

38:52 - Eric’s additional thoughts to fine tuning social media strategy

39:49 - Do Eric and Alyssa look for the instant gratification when they put out a post

43:09 - What processes do Eric and Alyssa have in place that helped...

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Unleashing the Power of Podcasting: A Gateway to Audience Growth

May 22, 2023

In today's digital age, podcasting has emerged as a powerful medium that connects creators with their audiences on a deeper level. Whether you're a business owner, an influencer, or a passionate individual, starting a podcast can provide you with numerous benefits while expanding your reach in an increasingly crowded online landscape. In this blog, we will explore the advantages of having a podcast and outline essential steps to kickstart your own podcasting journey.

Benefits of Having a Podcast:

  1. Amplify Your Reach and Engagement: Podcasts offer a unique opportunity to engage with your audience in a more intimate way. By providing valuable content through audio, you can connect with listeners during their daily activities, such as commuting, exercising, or doing household chores. The convenience and accessibility of podcasts allow you to extend your reach to new audiences and build a loyal community.

  2. Build Authentic Connections: Unlike written content, podcasts enable you to...

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I DO NOT like posting on social media... and it's what I do for a living!

Nov 17, 2021

I DO NOT like posting on social media.


I know, it’s probably hard to believe being that I’ve chosen to make a living the last 7 years in the industry of marketing mainly through social media.


Don’t get me wrong… I love a good hit of dopamine just like everyone else does when they make a post and gets likes & comments. It feels good, alright? (Don’t act like it doesn’t).


But that’s not why I do it. I do not need a constant dose of an ego boost to keep me motivated in showing up on social media.

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So you’re probably wondering “if you don’t like it, then why do it at all?”


Let me try to give you a few brief reasons why:


1 People spend time on social media (sources say the average is around 2.25 hours per day)


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The Top three social media tools that every small business needs

Oct 06, 2021

There are so many apps and tools and websites and platforms out there that advertise and claim to be the next best thing for small businesses to use when it comes to creating social media content.

And sometimes it can make it really overwhelming and intimidating as a small business owner to manage your own social media with, if there are so many different tools and options out there for you, how do you even decide? Right.

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Well, I have over seven years of experience in digital marketing and social media
marketing for small businesses.

And I have worked with countless small businesses in creating strategy plans and creating all of their content for their social media accounts.

So I know like what tools to use and which ones are a waste of time, which ones are a waste of money.

So I'm going to really quickly break down for...

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How To Plan Out Your Social Media Content For A Month

Oct 06, 2021

When you sit down and you think about all the things that you could post on your Facebook or Instagram page, it can sometimes be overwhelming. There's fun holidays to post about. You've got some sales that you want to be promoting. You know, that there are fun memes that you can post, but you're not really sure what is going to be the most productive. And what's going to make the most sense, right? And I find as a social media marketer who manages content marketing strategies for small businesses, that a lot of the reason that small business owners don't do this task and their business for themselves is because quite frankly, it intimidates them and they just don't know where to begin. But I want to let you know that it is actually more simple than you're making it out to be. And in this article, I want to break down some very practical steps on how to plan out your social media content.

Are you new here? You should join my EXCLUSIVE Facebook community "Social Media Training...

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The Right Content Strategy to Keep Your Audience Engaged

Oct 06, 2021

Question: What is the right content strategy to keep your audience engaged on social media?

Answer: The 80/20 Rule. 

So there's really a few things that you need to know about the world of social media marketing. 

Quick fact: there are over 300,000 status updates, every 60 seconds on Facebook alone. 

What does that mean? That means there's a lot of stuff going on on that platform.

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Obviously you are probably aware that there's algorithms in place that decide whose posts get seen by what people and when and all of that stuff. 

So it's very, very important as a business owner if you are trying to 1) reach your customers and your audience online, but 2) grow that as well. 

That's why it's so important that you have a good content marketing strategy in place for your business. 

So let's...

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Stop Wasting Time Creating Social Media Posts by Batching Content

Oct 06, 2021

So I want to talk today about the importance of creating Social Media Posts and Batching Content and in another post, I know that I've talked to you guys about the Five Reasons Why You Should Batch Your Content. But today I really want to focus on what the actual steps look like to Batch Social Media Content. 

Are you new here? You should join my EXCLUSIVE Facebook community "Social Media Training & Strategy for Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs" by clicking here!

Where I want to begin is, Are you familiar with what meal prepping is? 

See people do meal prepping to get themselves organized. Typically it's a Sunday or maybe even Monday, they get themselves organized for the week for all of their meals.

They create the meals all at once. And that takes care of them having to cook every night that week, you know, making the different meals. 

So for me and my family cooking can be anywhere from half an hour to an hour worth of time if I cook...

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Growing Your Local Small Business Using Pinterest

Oct 06, 2021

Today I write to you to tell you that if you are not using Pinterest & Blogging to grow your local small business right now, then YOU ARE MISSING THE BOAT! In this interview, I talk with Rachel Ngom from "She's Making an Impact" about Growing Your Local Small Business Using Pinterest. 

Are you new here? You should join my EXCLUSIVE Facebook community "Social Media Training and Strategy for Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs" by clicking here!

Grow Your Local Small Business Using Pinterest

It's probably safe to assume that if you aren't using Pinterest in your marketing strategy then it's for one of the following reasons most likely...

  • Outside of pinning recipes, DIY, and pretty household cleaning list pictures... you aren't sure how else to use Pinterest.
  • Writing blogs intimidates you because you "Consider yourself a writer"
  • You don't think you have the time to add anything else to your already full plate.

Well here's the deal... I THOUGHT ALL OF THOSE THINGS AT ONE...

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