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Growing Your Local Small Business Using Pinterest

Oct 06, 2021

Today I write to you to tell you that if you are not using Pinterest & Blogging to grow your local small business right now, then YOU ARE MISSING THE BOAT! In this interview, I talk with Rachel Ngom from "She's Making an Impact" about Growing Your Local Small Business Using Pinterest. 

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Grow Your Local Small Business Using Pinterest

It's probably safe to assume that if you aren't using Pinterest in your marketing strategy then it's for one of the following reasons most likely...

  • Outside of pinning recipes, DIY, and pretty household cleaning list pictures... you aren't sure how else to use Pinterest.
  • Writing blogs intimidates you because you "Consider yourself a writer"
  • You don't think you have the time to add anything else to your already full plate.

Well here's the deal... I THOUGHT ALL OF THOSE THINGS AT ONE...

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