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Bridging the Gap to Social Media for Small Businesses

About Bridge

Bridge Consulting & Design, LLC was established to “bridge the gap” between small businesses, entrepreneurs, influencers and the vast ever changing world of digital marketing. Owner and Founder, Danielle Welch, decided to take the 5+ years experience she had as an advertising sales agent and marketing consultant to bring Bridge to life. She recognized the various needs that small businesses had when it came to properly marketing themselves, finding their customers and building their brand. Bridge began servicing only small businesses but has since expanded to also serve entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and influencers.

Danielle Welch

Founder and CEO

Meet the Owner

When the idea came to start her own small business, Danielle was taken back to childhood memories of her father embarking on many business ideas and adventures. She remembers the struggles and successes he had along the way of chasing down his dreams of being self employed and providing a great life for his family.

Now, when Danielle has the opportunity to work with a small business owner she makes every strategy recommendation and designs every website knowing how important it is for that strategy plan to succeed. Because back home that small business owner may have a family he or she is working tirelessly to provide a great life for; just like Danielle's father did.

Danielle's experience working for various advertising and marketing companies helped her to learn and develop skills to consult and fulfill the following services: Social Media Marketing & Management, Video Creation, Social Graphic Design, and Website Design.


Bridging the Gap to Social Media

Have you ever heard yourself say...

I don't use Social Media to find businesses so why should I post on there for my business.

I want to hire someone to do my social media, but I can't afford to on a month in and month out basis.

Social Media isn't something I want to learn because I have enough on my plate already, but I know I need it.

I don't know what to post, when to, how to, or why I need to post, so why bother?

If you have, then this course is going to be for you!

In early 2020, I will be launching an online course that will take a deep dive into all things Socia Media Marketing for Small Businesses! 

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Available 1:1 Services


Working directly with Danielle to expand our marketing campaigns and enhance our branding have been key components to our accelerated growth. There is nothing more important when working with someone on your marketing campaigns than accurate and timely communication. Danielle excels in this area, always providing unique insight and honest guidance. We never ended a conversation with her that we did not learn something or were not given an actionable item to improve our business. The quality of her person shines through in her treatment of her clients.

I had the privilege to work with Danielle Welch who was my marketing and design consultant for marketing and website. Danielle generated a wealth of information and creative ideas for my revised website, as well as how I could generate more traffic and business through my existing online presence. I am a psychotherapist in private practice, and although I'd already had an extensive online visibility, Danielle looked at revising the whole picture with amazing originality and functionality. Now I have more business than I ever imagined I would. What a good "problem"! Danielle is a gifted, energetic professional with a "can do" attitude of responsiveness and problem-solving - someone who obviously loves her work. I found her an absolute joy to work with. She was always patient, respectful, and encouraging with my questions and concerns, and my limited windows of time to engage. (I still miss her sunny presence)

I would highly recommend Danielle as a vital resource for anyone looking for a top quality marketing and branding consultant.