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"Simple Solutions for Common Problems" Social Society Guest Interview | April 2023 with Drs. Eric & Alyssa Phillips


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Host: Danielle Welch -

Guest: Drs. Eric & Alyssa Phillips - 


Memorable Moments:

0:19 - Introducing Eric and Alyssa Phillips

6:30 - Eric and Alyssa’s advice for somebody who maybe they're a solo or newer in business

11:37 - Eric and Alyssa's Journey

18:40 - Major strategy shifts that Eric and Alyssa had over the over the years

23:56 - What Eric and Alyssa hear from people that are coming from referrals or from social media posts

28:32 - What do Eric and Alyssa’s believe led to posts going viral or posts being exposed to more audiences

38:52 - Eric’s additional thoughts to fine tuning social media strategy

39:49 - Do Eric and Alyssa look for the instant gratification when they put out a post

43:09 - What processes do Eric and Alyssa have in place that helped them to be really efficient and effective with social media

48:38 - Final thoughts and tips from Eric and Alyssa

Quotes from the Podcast:

“When you are in your face, just make sure that you're as personable as you can be. To be present. So I'm definitely an introvert by nature, but being a professional he has to be an extrovert.” – Eric

“If you're a solopreneur you say you have problems with networking, focus on something in your life that that is dealing with networking. Just put yourself out there, read a book, engage with the community, just throw yourself out there and you're gonna get better at it” – Eric

“It is important you give yourself the grace during that time to not feel under pressure because if you try to perform under pressure you just may come off disingenuous or maybe you'll be in a bad headspace to be creating content.” – Danielle Welch

“Pay attention to something like short doing and it will give you ideas to talk about because there's someone that's one step ahead of you that could help you either get your content for providing the content because they need to answer yourself and whatever you're passionate about.” – Eric

“You like their style, and you can emulate that in your own way and your own player.” – Eric

Nuggets of Wisdom:

“You can make any business work as long as the numbers are right. You have the right in your hearts in the right place.” – Eric

“People come up to us because they're in pain, but you have to think what that's keeping them from doing so.” – Eric

“Just stick to it and know that if your heart is in the right place, we will do everything you set your heart to.” – Alyssa

“Full tend to be very patient because we wanted to have everything like right now.” – Alyssa

“Don't be afraid to take a step back and reevaluate and make a pivot if you need to.” – Eric


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