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Going VIRAL "The Wrong Way" | Social Society Guest Interview May 2023 with Anissa Pfeifer

Jun 15, 2023

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Host: Danielle Welch -

Guest: Anissa Pfeifer founder of the Whiskee Straw -

Memorable Moments:

0:31 - Introducing Anissa Pfeifer
0:34 - Anissa’s whole entrepreneurial journey
0:55 - Anissa’s experience from invention, struggles, and where she at now
1:25 - How God walked through with Anissa in giving her knowledge and understanding both tactically and spiritually
1:30 -  Anissa’s advice based from her own story
1:32 - Summary of social media marketing things

Quotes from the Podcast:

“You have to encourage somebody before you can empower them to be who they should be and who they could be.” – Anissa Pfeifer

“I found that little seed of doubt that hadn't quite gone away, just buried enough that it wasn't bothering me, but it found its way to make something grow.” –...

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"Simple Solutions for Common Problems" Social Society Guest Interview | April 2023 with Drs. Eric & Alyssa Phillips

May 31, 2023

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Host: Danielle Welch -

Guest: Drs. Eric & Alyssa Phillips - 


Memorable Moments:

0:19 - Introducing Eric and Alyssa Phillips

6:30 - Eric and Alyssa’s advice for somebody who maybe they're a solo or newer in business

11:37 - Eric and Alyssa's Journey

18:40 - Major strategy shifts that Eric and Alyssa had over the over the years

23:56 - What Eric and Alyssa hear from people that are coming from referrals or from social media posts

28:32 - What do Eric and Alyssa’s believe led to posts going viral or posts being exposed to more audiences

38:52 - Eric’s additional thoughts to fine tuning social media strategy

39:49 - Do Eric and Alyssa look for the instant gratification when they put out a post

43:09 - What processes do Eric and Alyssa have in place that helped...

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