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How To Plan Out Your Social Media Content For A Month

When you sit down and you think about all the things that you could post on your Facebook or Instagram page, it can sometimes be overwhelming. There's fun holidays to post about. You've got some sales that you want to be promoting. You know, that there are fun memes that you can post, but you're not really sure what is going to be the most productive. And what's going to make the most sense, right? And I find as a social media marketer who manages content marketing strategies for small businesses, that a lot of the reason that small business owners don't do this task and their business for themselves is because quite frankly, it intimidates them and they just don't know where to begin. But I want to let you know that it is actually more simple than you're making it out to be. And in this article, I want to break down some very practical steps on how to plan out your social media content.

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1. Create Digital Calendar

The first step is to put on paper or create a digital calendar all the days of the month and the days of the week that are the most popular for your audience to be online.

So identify on what days you need to be posting. Now, I recommend that your frequency of posts be at a minimum five times per week, and that could be Monday through Friday.

It could be every other day. It could be whatever, but you need to have a minimum of five news feed posts on your social media profiles a week. What I also recommend

2. Create Story and Newsfeed Posts

What I also recommend is that you have at least two story posts that correspond with your newsfeed post for every post of the week that you make.

So if you have five posts for your newsfeed, you're going to need two story posts for one newsfeed. So that's going to be a total of 10 story posts for the week.

The reason that this is important is because social media users tend to check the Instagram or Facebook stories feature before they scroll through the newsfeed.

And so you want to make sure that you have content going out into where they're going to be looking at the most. That's the whole reason that we're on social media in the first place is small business owners, right?

Is to get in front of our audience. Well, we need to make sure that we're hanging out with your audience.

3. Plan your Content

So we talked about planning, right? Your content. So at a minimum of five posts per week in your newsfeed, and for each one of those, you're going to have two Instagram or Facebook story posts.

So you've created a plan, next I want you to incorporate my 80/20 rule that I talk about in another article, lengthy article here and map out what your highest day of the week is that your users or your followers are online.

And that's going to be the day that you write your promotional posts, where you're going to be promoting your free coupon, your product for sale, your course, your services, that's the day that you will promote and try to sell your audience. Okay?

The other days of the week that you need to have post created for is where you're going to follow that, that 80 part of the 80 20 rule.

4. Look at your Calendar

So you're going to create content. That's fun, uplifting, engaging, educational. That's putting you in a position of likeability.

You're helping your audience to grow, to know you and trust you. So you've got the plan, as far as the days you have the topics planned.

And the next thing that you need to do as a small business owner is to do a look at your calendar as far as events, promotions that you're running and make sure that you have important dates on the calendar for those.

So for instance, if you are running a special, the third week of next month, you don't only want to promote that special or that sale on the day of the sale or that week.

You kind of want to build up to it. So you want to make sure that you're incorporating some social media posts in that ahead of time.

5. Plan for Fun Holidays

Now, the last step that I think is important, as far as planning out your social media content is to be sure that you are incorporating anything that could be an upcoming holiday, fun day,  like international pizza day or, mother's day or something along those lines.

Because those are more likely to get engagement with your audience, then any other type of engagement posts.

So in conclusion with these steps that I covered with you today on how to plan out your social media content, these should be fairly simple for you to be able to follow.

My recommendation would be start here, start with this simple plan and then grow from there.

Make sure that you can plan your content out make sure that you can then go and create the content and then get it scheduled out.

You can learn more about my plan, schedule my plan, create schedule process inside of the essential social media toolkit program

But I just recommend that you get started.

That's the biggest thing is that you just need to sit down, maybe take one hour and make a plan and start to write content posts for everything.

And I promise you that you'll begin to flow.

The whole objective with this is so that you, as a small business owner, do not feel overwhelmed when you're creating social media content, but rather you feel at peace about it.

You feel as though you're in control and that you're making some headway.

I hope this was helpful. And can't wait to see you in the next post.

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