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Social Media Dos & Donts

Did you know there are Social Media Dos & Donts for Small businesses? Yup...

But, Social Media... Do we learn to love it & use it? Or do we just simply put up with it as a necessary tool for societal connection? I think the way in which you answer depends very much so on how and why you use the platform. Using Facebook as a business is going to look very much different than how you use it as a 30 year old wife and mother of 2. There are a lot of common social media dos & donts for posting and much more detail we could get into regarding how to use social media for your business or to grow your online influence. But for now, I wanted to provide you with a quick and simple Social Media Do's & Don'ts cheatsheet for the 4 social media channels that I use the most and that I find most of my friends and clients use as well. 

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- Best Days to post: Sunday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

- Best Times to post: 9am, 1pm, 3pm

- DO NOT USE HASHTAGS (Facebook doesn't need hashtags to "keyword search" your posts... it can find words and topics you want show up for just in your normal text).

- Video posts WITH CAPTIONS are the best content (most people begin watching a video before they turn on the sound so captions help keep viewers engaged longer!)



- Best Days to post: Mondays (yup... that's the only best day - I was shocked too)

- Best Times to post: 2am, 8-9a, 5p (basically you'll reach all the insomniacs, slow work day starters, and people on their evening commute home)

- HASHTAGS ARE A MUST TO BE FOUND ORGANICALLY: Use between 10-20 hashtags on your posts.

- Videos and Pictures with quality written content are best performing. While IG is all about the visuals, it's becoming more of a lifestyle platform for a lot of bloggers and major influencers and their audiences are more likely to stay on IG and read about your post then follow a link to another website.



- Best Days to post: Wednesdays

- Best Times to post: 12pm, 3pm, 5-6pm

- Use no more than 2 hashtags

- Limit of 280 characters per tweet (which can be frustrating if you're long winded like myself)



- Best Days to post: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

- Best Times to post: 7-8a, 12p, 5-6pm

- Hashtags are accepted but use them sparingly and be very direct/specific with what you tag

- Limit of 1300 Characters (if you need more space for your post, consider writing an article or a blog and link to the blog).


Hopefully you find all of these Social Media Dos & Donts for Small Business helpful to you in your journey to understanding how to better utilize these 4 commonly used social media platforms

Until Next Time,



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