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Facebook Content that Converts

When making a Facebook post, what is your objective? Are you looking to increase engagement or are you looking to write Facebook content that converts? It’s extremely important to know which you are trying to accomplish because how you create your content is determined by that objective.

If your primary goal is to see more visitors to your website and in turn increase your revenue coming from your online strategies, then a Facebook post with a lot of likes, comments, and shares is not helping. 

It looks cool and feels good when you open your Facebook account to see that little red bubble indicating you have new notifications, and when you open it to see a bunch of notifications on your Facebook posts, you feel like a real pro. However, that is not an indication of conversion.

So what is a conversion? According to a conversion is “when a visitor to your website completes a desired goal, such as filling out a form or making a purchase.”

In the rest of this post, I am going to be talking to you specifically about creating Facebook content that converts. But before I get too far into the goods, if you’re strapped for time and would rather learn by listening/watching than go check out the live training I recently did inside my Free Facebook Group “Bridge the Gap to Social Media with Danielle Welch”.

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Ok, let’s get this party started shall we?

Facebook Content that Converts Tip #1

Use dynamic visuals to draw attention to your post.

Think about this… when you are hanging out on Facebook do you spend the majority of your time on one single post or do you mostly scroll, occasionally pausing to read something, and then go back to scrolling. When you stop to read something is it the visual that caught your attention or is it the sentence you read.

For MOST people, it’s the visual! You really only have less than 2 seconds to captures someone’s attention and draw them into your post. How do you do that? Make sure your visual is dynamic.

Things to keep in mind when it comes to creating visuals:

  • Know the proper specs/size for images (Facebook likes to see images 940 x 788 pixels for a regular post).
  • Don’t put too much text in your image. Facebook will actually limit your reach if you have too much text overlaying your image.
  • Use original images and limit the use of stock photos.
  • Color popping images perform better than muted colors or black & whites.
  • 88% of Facebook users are Mobile, so keep that in mind when creating graphics and visuals so that if you do use font it’s not too hard to read.

Facebook Content that Converts Tip #2

Write Copy that is Simple, Clear and to the point

There is a character limit on most social media platforms for a reason. Your social media page does not need to be a blog. That’s what a blog is for. :)  You’ll also lose your viewers if they have to do too much to find out what the post is about. Remember, you have less than 2 seconds to catch their attention then you have about another 3-4 to keep them interested in your post. But most people won’t spend any more than 10-15 seconds on your post so keep your copy simple, clear and to the point if you want Facebook content that converts.

Avoid using business jargon, promotional language, or anything that might cause confusion or additional energy to be used to understand your message. In the incredible book “Marketing Made Simple” by Donald Miller and Dr. JJ Peterson discuss how important it is to not overcomplicate your message. I highly recommend getting that book and reading it ASAP.

Your copy should also bring your brand personality to life! Facebook content marketing is all about building awareness of your brand, and thus showing off your brand’s personality. So lose the formal tone in your write. Be personable. Try to write as you would talk to someone. In fact, try to write like you are talking to a caveman if possible. Seriously… short, sweet, to the point. Remember that saying “less is more”... this statement is extremely true when it comes to Facebook copy.

Facebook Content that Converts Tip #3

Add a captivating call to action

I am going to keep this section short and sweet. Do you want Facebook content that converts?  If you aren’t asking for someone to take any action, then it won't convert. Encourage people to do SOMETHING about what they just read. But spice it up! 

Instead of “Click here” try saying “Click through to see more…” or instead of saying “Buy Now” try this “Get them before they are gone”. Make your Call to Actions more enticing then the standard “Sign Up Now, Download This, Call Now”. It’ll set you apart from people just using those old school CTAs.

Facebook Content that Converts Tip #4

Give your reader an incentive to take action

Ok so you have your captivating Call to Action in the post, but what makes that action a must-do for your reader? “A call to action is only as good as its' incentive.” That doesn’t mean you need to always offer a discount or give something away. No. What it means is you need to tell them the benefits of what they’ll get when they take the action you want them to take. 

Example: “This genius checkout trick can drop your Hobby Lobby total instantly” - LEARN MORE

What is the incentive here? I’m going to drop my Hobby Lobby total by Learning More… Ummm YES PLEASE!!!

Facebook Content that Converts Tip #5

Target your audience strategically

Inside of my course “Social Media Marketing Made Easy” I have an entire module and 2 hours of video training on how to tailor your message to your ideal customer, identifying who your customer is and then implementing it through creating killer content.  Why is this important? Because I am more likely to connect with your message if you talk like me, and using verbiage that I am familiar with! 

Also, make sure you are posting at the right time is key as well. In this blog post, I map out the best times to post on Facebook for a general audience. But you can also find out when your audience is online by viewing your Facebook Analytics inside of Business Manager.

Facebook Content that Converts Tip #6

Increase the reach of your post by Boosting it.

I’m upping the Annie now! Here’s the real deal y’all… your Facebook post is likely only hitting 20% of your total audience (that’s a generous number I’m quoting, it’s usually less than that). Did you know that Facebook makes ZERO dollars off you just posting on their FREE platform? So… how do they become a $589.2 Million net worth company (as of May 2020)? Ads my friend, paid ads.

Yes… the fact that like 2.45 billion people access their platform each month plays a big role in their net worth being so high. But why is that? Because companies want to get their brands in front of that 2.45 billion people so they pay to play!

Facebook makes all their revenue on Ad Campaigns and Boosted Posts. 

So if you want to increase your reach you need to be willing to invest in more people seeing your posts.

Now I recommend only boosting your posts if they are a promotional post in the beginning if you are just starting out because you’re looking to create conversions, but eventually, you’ll learn that there are benefits to boosting posts for increasing your engagement.

In summary, to create Facebook Content that Converts you need to have more appealing and dynamic visual content, copy that is short sweet and to the point, a call to action with an irresistible incentive for taking that action, strategic targeting with your timing and messaging and the willingness to invest in a broader reach of people seeing your post!

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